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Sources of Help and Commonly Asked Questions

What sort of free help is available?

The Multiple Births Foundation holds prenatal meetings in London for parents and grandparents expecting a multiple birth. Healthcare and other professionals are also welcome to attend.

The evenings run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, and begin with an illustrated talk by the MBF's Director, Jane Denton RGN RM, followed by question time with a local twins club.

They are held in Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital. Directions to the hospital can be found on the hospital's website.

Please contact us to find out details of our next class

There is a suggested donation of 5.00 per person which can be paid at the door. Many of the MBF's publications will be available for sale.

Booking is essential. Please contact the MBF on 020 3313 3519 or to reserve places.

There is no free state help routinely available for twin families. Families who are expecting a higher order multiple birth should contact their health visitor in the antenatal period, for information about local social services provision and voluntary bodies. The MBF has a free leaflet available with further information.

A charity which can provide trained volunteers to lend support at home. Every Home-Start scheme is locally based, managed and run by individual communities and supports families from that community. Contact Home-Start to see if there is a scheme near you, telephone 0116 233 9955, Email: or at

Parent Education Classes

If you are looking for local parent education classes, the following
may be of interest. The MBF has been informed that these classes are running but is not involved with them directly so please contact the organisers for further details and information.

Multiple Birth Antenatal and Preparation for Parenting Course
An intensive two day course especially designed to meet the needs ofcouples expecting twins or triplets. The course includes: choices forlabour and birth for multiples, what to expect in labour and how tocope, how to make Caesarian birth special, prematurity and special care, how to feed and care for more than one baby and how to nurture the identities and individuality of twins.
The course is run by qualified antenatal teachers, trained by the NCT and members of the Federation of Antenatal Teachers.
For more information or to book please:-
Call Sharon or Lorraine on 020 8508 7616 or email

2win Parent Preparation Course

Expecting twins? The 2WIN Parent Preparation Course is a unique group covering the South East Coast that focuses on twin and multiple pregnancy and its specific challenges. The course aims to be a reassuring guide which will empower prospective parents and give them the confidence they need for their pregnancy, birth and life with their newborn babies. Those wishing to travel can attend a 3 hour session on a one to one basis with an experienced twin consultant to prepare you forhaving more than one baby.
Contact the course coordinator Tracy Law 07849 751 474 or email

There are a range of paid help options available which include Maternity Nurses, Nannies, Mother's Help, Au Pairs, and Registered Childminders. The MBF has a leaflet available which gives further information on these options.

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of following up all references, especially on nannies/helpers who have sole charge.

For advice on buying equipment such as twin and triple buggies and prams please contact Twins Trust who will be able to put you in contact with retailers and also parents who sell on their equipment.

Some of the most helpful local advice will probably be gained from other twin or triplet mothers in your area, who are usually only too pleased to pass on their experiences. Contact with your local Twins Club can be invaluable. For your local club contacts telephone Twins Trust on 0800 138 0509, e-mail: or at or see

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